What We Do


The purpose of the organization is to provide educational and motivational materials and activities for students and their parents through:

  • positive-out-of-school activities,
  • parent education workshops,
  • character-building activities utilizing the Big-Headed Beaver© and Friends curriculum,
  • Test Prep Seminars  and
  • Informative Media productions that educate the community on current topics and issues taking place in America.

* Parents are a secondary target population as their support and encouragement at home is often the crucial key to unlocking their child’s academic and behavior success.  In addition to providing referrals to needed services, Pivotal Point Enterprises, Inc. is continually working towards developing new strategies to engage parents including parent education workshops, parent involvement incentives, and family involvement activities at The Character Center.

* The services provided by Pivotal Point Enterprises, Inc. through the Character Kids program primarily target low and moderate income persons, many of whom are either eligible for subsidized services or are barely above the federal poverty line and ineligible for, but in need of, subsidized services

Pivotal Point Enterprises, Inc. currently operates four (4) distinct programs:

character centerThe Character Center  an academic program that encompasses Academic Excellence, Behavior Modification, And Character Education through the utilization of The Big-Headed Beaver© & Friends mascots and curriculum  primarily for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The program offers educational workshops and assemblies in the school system during regular business hours. Also there is an after-school component that offers student pre-k through- 8th grade positive success principles while teaching them about American history, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Test taking tips, Etiquette, STEM and Character principles. Additionally, students are enriched through weekly Guitar, Violin, Chess, and Karate lessons.  We offer homework assistance daily and tutoring by request.


gyatGet Your Act Together primary function is to prepare Middle and High School students for state required test such as the FCAT, ACT, and EOC (End Of Course Exams) and to mold habits which will increase their likelihood of being successful in life. The target population can range from the age of 11-19. There is also a Parent component piece that educates and empowers parents to become better equipped in raising their child.



mcw4uMake College Work For You primary function is to serve as a college survival program that is designed to help with student retention and to provide necessary resources to help students to graduate from college in four years or less. The program is offer to high-school and college students.  Activities and lessons includes building successful habits, becoming more involved with politics and the community, overcoming personal hang-ups, developing success habits, choosing a major and sticking with it until graduation, and being a leader.


ouncepreventionfundfloridaThe Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida, Program activities will be provided to a total of 40 students 13-17 years of age who attend a Leon County School. The program will focus on character development and include health and wellness activities, career development, and character education (ICANN). Activities will include direct information sessions, hands-on strategies, group interactions, and role-playing activities. The program goal is to enhance students’ lives and knowledge in three fundamental areas: health and wellness, career, and character. Staff contracted by Pivotal Point Enterprises, Inc. will provide program services to the 40 middle and high school students (13-17 years of age) attending a school in Leon County. Services will be provided when students are available for three one-hour sessions a week, which will be conducted any three days between Monday-Saturday. These weekly services will begin on or before October 1, 2014 and end on May 28, 2015. Character Kids will provide an orientation meeting for parents with students enrolled in program services. There will also be quarterly parent meetings to inform parents on program activities, and to provide them with the information and tools needed to support their child in the home setting.