Ten Major Accomplishments


#10 …We have relocated to a College Campus to better serve our students and their families. Seven years ago the founder said that we will one day be on a campus with the same initials as one of our programs. Those initials are TCC, The Character Center! We are now own the beautiful campus of TCC, Tallahassee Community College.


#9…We started at the bottom and have risen somewhere near the middle in less than seven years. Our first location was a travel trailer that was 4ft wide, 6 ft high and 10 ft long. We pulled this mobile center behind a F-350 truck. Our next move was a single wide trailer (700square feet) on the old campus of FAMU DRS. Then we moved into a twenty-four hundred square foot building. Now we are in a 7600 square foot facility. The Vision is to own 100 acres and build a private school for students who learn different than most and be able to conduct our four programs out of the same location without being confined to a limited amount of space. We would like to dedicate 10 acres to construct  two fishing ponds and 20 Acres to greenhouses to be able to produce our own nutritional vegetables and fruits for the school.  We would like to have a small dorm to house students for weekend training sessions. Additionally, we would like to create an incredible STEM program which would afford our clients an opportunity to develop just about anything their hearts can imagine.

25 years

#8…We have been in business for ten years!! And the director has twenty-five years of educational experience. He is the originally founder and creator of Pivotal Point Enterprises.


#7..We do not carry any significant amount of debt from year to year. The only current debt we have is the vehicles. We attempt to purchase supplies and materials from School Districts Auctions. We are a very thrifty non-profit company who believes in being debt free so that we can potentially serve more folks in need.


#6…We have never turned a client away from receiving services without first assessing their needs and referring them to someone who could potential meet them.


#5…We pride ourselves on being factual with our clientele. We provide only what we say we can provide and if we can’t do it we don’t claim that we can.


#4…We have spoken to and serve over 75,000 people since the beginning of our program regarding the benefits of formalizing great habits in order to be successful in America. We believe in teaching students and adults success principles in order for them to be victorious rather than victims.


#3…We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to discover their purpose in life. And we do believe that we have what it take to assist others in discovering their purpose regardless of their situation, race, or age.


#2…We have helped students earn over 7.9 million dollars in scholarships since the creation of our program. Recently, we have assisted several hundred students to pass the ACT which allowed them to graduate from high school. Additionally, we have assisted  307 students with increasing their ACT score by a minimum of 4 points. In 2013 we had our first participant to score a perfect 36!!!  We believe the more your learn the more you earn.


#1…You are the number one reason why we exist. Without people to help we wouldn’t be around to offer our dynamic services. We are simply servants who would like to see America become the number one country in the world academically, financially, physically healthy, and mentally stable. We love what we do but we need a few helping hands and donations, never any hand-outs! Thanks for utilizing our services, please do not hesitate to spread the good news.